Danielle Dickson, MA, LPC, CAC1

Photo of Danielle Dickson, therapist

Danielle Dickson, MA, LPC, CAC1

  • Experience: 15 Years
  • Location: Northern Colorado
  • Email: danielle@infinitehopecounseling.org
  • Phone: 720-899-7703

Therapeutic Approach

My approach to counseling is an Integrative Therapeutic Model. In this model, I pull from a variety of theoretical schools of thought and perspectives in order to meet the need of the client. In understanding and conceptualizing the client and their struggles, I incorporate an eclectic approach to address problems with suitable clinical methods including but not limited to Psychoanalysis, Adlerian Psychology, Reality Therapy and other experiential learning theories. These theories consider the individual’s experiences, situation and perspective when identifying the problem and utilizing the individuals strengths to create change.

In addition to possessing extensive training in psychotherapy, I hold certifications in Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises, Pain Reprocessing Therapy, and Dialectical Behaviol Thraerapy (DBT), cognitive-behavioral approach (CBT) that is trauma-informed for addressing PTSD. Additionally, I incorporate my integrative approach which provides you with the opportunity to delve into self-exploration and ascertain the is potential for transformative changes, ultimately facilitating the creation of your optimal self and a purposeful life.

If you are ready to make changes that will improve your life, I am available to answer your questions and provide more information about services, pricing, private pay, and insurance. Feel free to contact me at 720-899-7703 or visit my contact page for further assistance.